Audiostock Announcing New Service for US Market : Spreading the Wonders of Japanese Music Worldwide

Audiostock Launches Overseas Edition, Enabling Global Creators to Access and Utilize the Beauty of Japanese Music

Audiostock, Japan's premier music licensing company, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated new service for the global market. With a mission to share the beauty of Japanese music with the world, Audiostock aims to become the leading Japanese company in the global music industry.

Japanese music is renowned for its captivating melodies, rich cultural heritage, and diverse genres that evoke a wide range of emotions. With the overseas edition, Audiostock aims to enable creators from around the world to access and utilize these exceptional qualities, seamlessly incorporating them into their content.

The overseas edition of Audiostock offers a comprehensive RF sound source platform that revolutionizes the process of purchasing and selling music licenses. Recognizing the diverse needs of creators, Audiostock ensures that licensing Japanese music is simple and user-friendly, allowing artists, filmmakers, and all content creators to focus on their craft without the complexities often associated with music licensing.

Key features of the overseas edition include:

  1. New Unlimited Plan: In our continued commitment to offering flexible options tailored to your needs, we have introduced the Unlimited Plan ($12.99/ mo.) with an annual subscription. By subscribing to the Unlimited Plan, you will gain unlimited access to over 800K tracks, enabling you to unleash your creativity without any restrictions on your projects.

  2. Simplified Music Licensing: Audiostock's licensing process is designed to be intuitive and efficient. Creators can easily navigate through the platform, choose from a vast selection of music and SFX, and secure the appropriate license for their projects. Whether it's for film, advertising, gaming, or any other multimedia endeavor, Audiostock offers licenses that cater to diverse requirements, ensuring that creators have the perfect soundtrack for their vision.

  3. Diverse Sound Collection: Audiostock recognizes that the scope of music extends beyond traditional compositions. With the overseas edition, the platform offers an extensive library of sounds that go beyond expectations. In addition to a wide range of soundtracks, Audiostock provides supplementary elements such as anime and game sound effects, as well as live performance recordings of traditional instruments. This eclectic mix of audio resources allows creators to bring a unique and authentic touch to their content.

  4. Expanding High-Quality Library: Audiostock's commitment to excellence is reflected in its in-house recording of live performances. By recording live performances, Audiostock ensures that the music library continues to grow with high-quality content, expanding the options available to creators. The company's dedication to capturing the essence of Japanese music in its purest form sets it apart as a trusted resource for creators seeking authenticity.

To celebrate the launch of the overseas edition, Audiostock is pleased to offer a 30-day free trial to all new users. This exclusive opportunity allows creators to experience the platform's vast collection of Japanese music and explore its potential for enhancing their projects. During the trial period, users can discover the breadth of the library, experiment with different tracks, and unlock the power of Japanese music for their creative endeavors.

About Audiostock

Since its establishment in 2007, Audiostock has been at the forefront of the Japanese music industry, providing a platform that benefits both content creators and musicians. Guided by the philosophy of "Supporting creators' sustainable creative activities" Audiostock has nurtured an environment that fosters collaboration and mutual success. With the overseas edition, Audiostock is poised to expand its influence globally, connecting creators with the enchanting melodies and cultural richness of Japan.

"Our mission is to bridge cultures through music and empower creators worldwide," said Shuichiro Nishio, CEO of Audiostock. "With the launch of our overseas edition, we are excited to connect global creators with the enchanting melodies of Japan. We believe that by spreading the wonders of Japanese music, we can create a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity and inspire new creative possibilities. We will continue expanding our sales channels internationally, supporting creators in their artistic endeavors."

As Audiostock forges ahead with its ambitious plans to bring the wonders of Japanese music to a global audience, creators worldwide can now explore a vast array of captivating melodies and incorporate them seamlessly into their projects.

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