Japan's Autumn: Seasonal foods, traditions, and Music.

Experience the perfect harmony of Japanese Autumn and American Thanksgiving in our curated playlist. Celebrate diversity through this universal language.

While Japan doesn't have a Thanksgiving, it boasts a unique array of autumnal delights: "Appetite for Autumn," "Autumn Reading," "Artistic Autumn," "Sports Season," and "Autumn Music." 
Each originates from Japan's rich history and cultural traditions, with vibrant foliage, bountiful seasonal cuisine, and the leisurely nights of autumn also playing significant roles in the festivities.

In this blog, we will introduce how to spend autumn in Japan along with perfectly matched Audiostock music. Discover the ideal soundtrack for immersing yourself in the essence of Japanese autumn.



History and Culture of Japanese Autumn

Autumn in Japan has long been revered as the season of harvest. "Autumn Festival” has ancient roots in praying for a bountiful harvest. Traditional practices like the tea ceremony and ikebana (flower arranging) also emphasize harmony with nature, making autumn an integral part of Japanese culture.


Immerse Yourself in the Delights of Japanese Autumn

Different from the American Thanksgiving, Japan's autumn is a celebration of seasonal transitions. Enjoy picnics with family and friends, or revel in the breathtaking beauty of autumn leaves during momijigari (leaf-peeping) outings.


Places to Immerse Yourself in Japan's Autumn

Ginkaku-ji, Kyoto - Famous for its stunning autumn foliage, Ginkaku-ji offers a mesmerizing blend of historical architecture and vibrant leaves.

Kasuga Taisha, Nara - A UNESCO World Heritage site, Kasuga Taisha's maple trees create a captivating autumnal scene. Experience the sacred atmosphere in perfect harmony with nature.

Sounkyo Gorge, Hokkaido - Nestled in the heart of nature, Sounkyo Gorge offers a spectacular display of autumn leaves. The tunnel of vibrant colors is a sight to behold.


Indulge in Autumn Flavors

While turkey is the centerpiece of American Thanksgiving, Japan favors dishes like grilled eel and other autumn delicacies. The choice of beverages also differs; while cider and wine are prevalent in America, Japan takes pleasure in pairing autumn flavors with sake.

Kurigohan (Chestnut Rice) - Experience the sweet flavor of chestnuts mixed with rice, a quintessential autumn dish.

Sanma no Shioyaki (Grilled Pacific Saury) - This fatty fish is at its prime in autumn. Simple yet delectable, grilling with salt brings out its best flavor.

Kabocha no Nimono (Simmered Pumpkin) - The sweet and tender kabocha pumpkin is a delightful addition to your autumn table.


Thanksgiving and Autumn Playlist: Perfect Tunes for Cozy Gatherings

Both Japan and America celebrate autumn in their own unique ways. 
As you immerse yourself in these distinct traditions, let our curated playlist set the perfect backdrop. Explore a fusion of melodies that embody the essence of autumn, seamlessly connecting the rich cultures of Japan and America. 



Thanksgiving and Autumn Collection

popNature's Sunrise


Hiraoka Kotaro


balladOnce Again
Tenyu Nakamura


acoustic_guitarA New Day




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