Discovering Japanese New Year Culture Through Traditional Japanese Music Playlist to Welcome the New Year!

This blog introduces Japanese New Year Culture amid the year-end rush. Explore an awesome Japanese New Year playlist featuring traditional instruments.

Japanese New Year Culture: How Japanese People Spend Time During the Year-End and New Year Period

During Japan's year-end and New Year, a unique landscape unfolds amid the hustle and bustle of the December rush. 

It's a time when households perform a thorough cleaning known as 'Oosouji,' bidding farewell to the year's clutter. Expressing gratitude, people exchange 'Oseibo' gifts with those who've supported them and send 'Nengajou' greeting cards to welcome the New Year on January 1st.


Families and friends often gather to visit shrines together, sharing moments of reflection and gratitude. Enjoying traditional dishes such as 'Osechi' and 'Ozoni' is customary during this time, adding a special touch to the festive celebrations.




Sharing traditional meals like "Osechi" and savoring "Ozoni," a special soup, is a cherished tradition, playing a pivotal role in the festive celebrations.
Also, the New Year's programs feature music using traditional Japanese instruments like the "shamisen" and "shakuhachi".



During Japan's New Year season, everyone's busy getting ready for countdowns, exchanging New Year's greetings, and giving gifts. But amid all that, it's a cozy time that cherishes being with family and friends. 
Also the music, with its traditional Japanese instruments, brings a peaceful pause in the excitement, marking the joyful start of a brand-new year.



Japanese New Year Playlist

While listening to this amazing playlist, experience the charm of Japan's New Year. Traditional Japanese instruments express the celebration of the new year, bringing quiet joy and happiness to the heart.


1.  Umi No Haru  /  kodomosize creation

2.  Moist BGM That Conveys Japanese Culture  /  Nico

3. Breath of the New Year  /  ArcTracks

4. Japanese New Year  /  poco poco music

5. Kyoto Scenery Relaxing Koto and Synth  /  Etsuo Kawasaki






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