Discover the Latest Music Genre: Kawaii Future Bass!

Explore the captivating world of Kawaii Future Bass, a vibrant new genre derived from Future Bass that blends futuristic synths and cute elements. Uncover popular tracks and artists in this unique music scene.

Are you ready to dive into the latest music trend? Meet Kawaii Future Bass, a fresh, exciting genre that has taken the music world by storm. This captivating new sound combines the futuristic, machine-like synth bass of Future Bass with cute, sparkling synth sounds and unique voice samples. In this article, we'll uncover the origins of Kawaii Future Bass and introduce you to some of the top tracks and artists in the scene.


Kawaii Future Bass: A New Wave of Japanese Music

Influenced by the international appeal of Future Bass, Japan has given birth to a new genre called "Kawaii Future Bass." As the name suggests, this music style emphasizes cute and sparkling elements while retaining the core characteristics of Future Bass.


Top Kawaii Future Bass Tracks and Artists:

1. Yunomi - "Robotic Girl" 

This track by producer Yunomi is featured on their 1st full album "Yunomokyu." The cute music video, with character visuals by illustrator Kiato, perfectly complements the song's vibe.


2. Snail's House - "Koisuru SpaceGirl" 

A quintessential Kawaii Future Bass track, this sparkling and cute piece helped Snail's House gain attention around 2015 when they were just 18 years old.


3. Perfume - "Future Pop" 

This song features futuristic synth sounds and accentuated sparkling tones that create a distinct Future Bass feel. The track gradually builds up and effectively uses voice samples, leading to a memorable synth melody in the chorus.


4. Perfume - "Mugen Mirai" 

Another track from the "Future Pop" album, "Mugen Mirai" incorporates Future Bass elements into a dreamy atmosphere. It was written as the theme song for the movie "Chihayafuru - Musubi."


5. Kizuna AI - "Hello, Morning" 

Virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI, who has the highest number of subscribers in Japan, also garnered attention with her original Future Bass-inspired pop song. Kizuna AI wrote the lyrics, while producer Nor composed and arranged the music.


5. X'Flare - "Kakusansei Majority" 

X'Flare, a virtual singer affiliated with music circle X enc'ount, gained popularity with her powerful voice and grandiose lyrics, accompanied by a visually striking music video.


6. KMNZ - "VR (Virtual Reality)" 

Virtual YouTuber unit KMNZ released this track as their 1st single, with Snail's House, mentioned earlier, producing the music. The song incorporates Future Bass elements and has a bright, uplifting vibe.


Future Bass as Background Music:

Many listeners find Future Bass tracks to be energizing and perfect for background music while working. Why not explore this genre and find your favorite Kawaii Future Bass tunes? If you're looking to incorporate Future Bass music into your videos or games, you can purchase royalty-free tracks on Audiostock.


Kawaii Future Bass is an irresistible new music genre that's gaining traction worldwide. This delightful blend of futuristic synths and cute elements has captured the hearts of listeners, and it's an exciting time to discover this evolving music scene. 


Dive into the world of Kawaii Future Bass and find your new favorite tracks today!

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