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As summer approaches in the United States, large anime events such as Anime Expo and COMIC-CON are held, attracting crowds of fans every year.

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Anime Expo and COMIC-CON are two of the largest anime-related events scheduled in the United States for 2024. This blog focuses on these 2 big events, compiling essential information and features of the event.


Anime Expo 2024: July 4-7, 2024
anime expo chibi®: TBD
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center
Anime Expo:

Event Trends:
Anime Expo serves as a hub of anime culture, offering a wide variety of panels where industry insiders and fans alike can explore new knowledge and experiences. Highlights include world premiere screenings of anime movies and OVAs, concerts featuring popular J-Pop artists and ani-song performers, cosplay events, and autograph sessions.

Things to Know Before Participating:
Purchasers of General Attendee badges need to "transfer" the badge to specific attendees (badge holders). Completing the badge transfer process allows access to special perks, such as online reservations for popular screenings and panels.

Ticket Prices:
4-day passes are priced at $150, single-day tickets range from $75 to $85, and Child Passes (ages 6-13) are $40.

anime Expo Chibi:
anime Expo Chibi is an all-ages, educational, intimate convention that celebrates anime and Japanese culture, bringing together fans, cosplayers, artists, and exhibitors in the greater Southern California region.

Access to the venue can be achieved via LADOT’s DASH buses and the LA Metro. DASH operates over 30 routes covering Downtown Los Angeles and surrounding communities. LA Metro users can take the A, E, or J Line to Pico Station and walk one block west to the convention center.

Highlights and Must-Sees:
Premieres: Be among the first to see new anime releases.
Concerts: Experience live performances by popular J-Pop and ani-song artists.
Cosplay: Participate in or observe the creativity of the cosplay community.
Interactive Events: Engage in unique experiences like Maid and Butler Cafes and anime dance events.

Anime Expo 2024 presents an unmissable event for anime fans, offering a wide range of programs and activities to explore the depths of the anime culture. With exciting premieres, live concerts, and cosplay contests, it provides a unique opportunity for attendees to come together and celebrate their passion. New initiatives like anime Expo Chibi also demonstrate efforts to spread anime culture to a broader audience.



COMIC-CON 2024:JULY 25–28, 2024

Recent Trends (2019-2023):
Over the past few years, COMIC-CON has increasingly incorporated a wide range of pop culture elements, including comics, movies, anime, and games. It has embraced a diverse range of pop culture elements, with a significant spotlight on digital entertainment alongside traditional comics. The event has seen growing international participation, both from attendees and exhibitors, indicating its expanding global appeal.

What to Know Before Attending:
COMIC-CON is a highlight for fans of comics, movies, anime, and games, featuring panels, autograph sessions, and exclusive previews. Attendees should prepare for large crowds and a packed schedule.

Member ID Requirement: 
To participate in ticket sales, a Comic-Con Member ID is essential. It's a unique identifier needed to purchase or apply for badges and is the first step for all attendees​​.

How to Participate:
Open Registration is available to everyone with a Comic-Con Member ID, while specific categories like professionals or exhibitors have separate registration dates.
The Badge Purchase FAQ section provides guidance on attending COMIC-CON, emphasizing that all badge sales are online and require a Comic-Con Member ID.

Ticket Information:
COMIC-CON 2024 badge prices vary by day, with options for single or entire event passes. All purchases include a handling fee.

Access and Parking:
The event provides extensive information on getting to the venue, including parking details, shuttle buses, and other transportation options.

Event Highlights:
COMIC-CON is renowned for its exhibit hall, artist's alley, panels featuring creators from across the spectrum of pop culture, autograph sessions, and exclusive merchandise.

Enjoying the Event Beyond Panels:
Besides the main attractions, attendees can explore offsite events, enjoy film screenings, participate in costume contests, and engage in gaming sessions.
For more detailed and updated information as the event approaches, keeping an eye on the official COMIC-CON website and their social media platforms is recommended. They offer a wealth of resources, including a programming schedule, guest announcements, and essential tips for first-time and returning attendees. 

Volunteer Program: 
They also recruit volunteers every year, offering the fun opportunity to contribute as part of the staff.
If you get into the Daily Volunteer Program, you can volunteer any or all of the days of the show. The Daily Volunteer Program is very popular and it’s a bit of a process to join the program for Comic-Con. Registration generally takes place in the fall of the preceding year.
* Unfortunately, the daily volunteer registration for 2024 is closed and the program is full. 


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Anime Event BGM/SFX Playlist

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Anime Event BGM

1.  Modern Blues Rock  /  Kirill Kharchenko

2.  Fresh Summer  /  SK MUSIC

3. Vapor City  /  TSAN

4. Time for a Challenge  /  Melonest

5. homemade  /  Ninja Muzik Tokyo




Anime Event SFX

1.  After the Rain (short clip) /  NaruIDEA

2.  So slowly  /  JIRO

3. Next Future  /  MIT GATHERING

4. Sound logo jingle # 4 stylish  /  orangorang

5. 20170326 _ lock system jingle 04_2  / YOSHIDA YOSHIO






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